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Visa Formalities

All visitors need a valid passport, for at least six months beyond the end of your planned stay, and are urged to check their particular passport and visa requirements well in advance of travel.  Visas are required by all nationals except for citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council: Nationals of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates holding national identity cards as well as those who hold the nationalities mentioned the link:

Please consult the nearest Oman Embassy or High Commission, for those wishing to obtain visas on arrival, in order to avoid possible long delays at the airport. 

It is required to apply for visa at least three weeks before the meeting. It required submitting a clear scanned copy of your passport along with a recent photo with white background.

TRA and APTLD organization has assigned National Travel and Tourism LLC (NTT) to assist in getting the visas, airport transfers and ground services arrangements with the following fares:

  1. Visa Services

    • On Line Visa services from Royal Oman Police : (www.evisa.rop.gov.om: RO5.000 (five Omani reals) per visa for stay up to 10 days

      The below listed nationalities are exempted from pre-arranged visa process and will be issued visa on arrival

      These following countries have been added to obtain easy visa from entering Sultanate of Oman.>European Countries:
      Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portuguese, Hungary, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Norway, Croatia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Latvia, Slovakia, Iceland, Ireland, Monaco, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, San Marino, Vatican, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Poland, Malta, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Greece, Slovenia, Romania, AndorraSouth American Countries Paraguay, Brazil, Peru, Surinam, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentine, Uruguay, French Guiana, ColombiaOther Countries Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, USA, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Thailand, Brunei Dares Salaam, Seychelles, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Turkey, Tunisia, Lebanon

    • Pre-Arranged Visa by NTT: RO15.000 per visa (for stay up to 10 days) For the delegates who are not within the above visa exemption list NTT will pre arrange visas for them. The following documents will need to be submitted 3 weeks prior to the conference date as listed below;
      • Clear scanned color copy of the passport in PDF all pages
      • Recent (not less than 3 months old) Passport size photograph with blue background in JPEG format
      • Please note that the mother’s Maiden name should be clearly mentioned in the passport for immigration processing, in case it is not mentioned in the passport, it should be provided by the delegate via email, as this is a must for the immigration approval formalities
      • Visa application form (As attached) to be filled and signed by the guest

  2. Meet and assist at the Muscat International Airport

    • Standard meet and assist –  RO5.000 per person
      The guest will be met by NTT representative prior to immigration and facilitate the immigration process in minimum time possible. Post immigration the guest will be escorted to the guest car for transportation to the hotel; baggage will be collected by the staff member and will be handed over to the guest at the hotel.

    • VIP meet and assist – RO40.000 per person
      The guest will be met by Prime Class representative at Aero bridge outside the Aircraft and escort the guest to the Fast Track Immigration counter to process the immigration. Once the process is completed the guest will be escorted to the main Arrival hall and handed over to the driver for onward transfer to hotel.

  3. Air Transportation

    NTT will provide following transportation for the delegates for airport transfers

    Description of Serviceh Max capacity Cost per vehicle (one way) OMR
    Airport Transfer by Standard sedan cars for 2 pax chauffer driven 2 pax RO15.000 one way
    Airport Transfer by Standard four wheel drive Standard four wheel drive for 4 pax chauffer driven 3 – 4 pax RO22.000 one way
    Airport Transfer by Luxury cars (Mercedes, BMW, Audi) chauffer driven   2– 3 pax RO45.000 one way
    Airport Transfer by Standard 10 seat van chauffer driven 5 - 6 pax RO40.000 one way
    Airport Transfer by Standards 20 seat coaster chauffer driven 20 seat coaster $50.00

    Note: These services are to be requested from NTT in advance and each person needs to pay the applicable fare to NTT.
    Rates are subject to implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT) introduced by the Oman Government during the course of the contractual period.

    The said tax will be levied (if applicable) as per the Government norms on the above rates quoted and will be effective as per the guidelines provided by the concerned government authorities.

  4. Tourist services

    It has been agreed with NTT to offer tourist services for the participants on their account. The cost and the proposed programs will be shared in due course.  


    Naseem A. Shah
    Dy. Manager  National Travel & Tourism LLC (NTT); Saud Bahwan Group
    PO Box 962|PC 100|Muscat|Sultanate of Oman
    Tel: +968 24660361|Handy: +968 99331781Fax: +968-24567951
    Email: naseem.shah@nttoman.com
    Web: www.nttoman.com 

  5. Details & Transport

    The Muscat International airport has all necessary amenities to welcome participants properly. It is located 10 minutes from the meeting venue.  This airport is used for arrival and departure of international flights.
    The officially recommended hotels are located close to the meeting venue. For those who wish to take a taxi, it is strongly recommended that delegates only use the airport taxies.  The cost of a journey of 10 kilometers is approximately cost 8/- OMR by Taximeter. For transportation from the hotels, other than the venue hotel, to the meeting venue and vice versa, hotel’s taxis and other means like car rent are available, all borne by the participants.

  6. Muscat Weather In February
    The weather in FEBRUARY is pleasant and suited for all kinds of outdoor activities with a mean daytime temperature around 25 º C and night averages of 18°C.  It can get quite cold at night in the mountains.  Rainfall is expected during this month. Light to semi heavy cloths is recommended especially at night as the weather can be chilly.
    During February Muscat has an annual festival that usually starts from 14 January till 14 February which there are selling  both of Omani and international products, folklore dances and theatrical performances, stands for traditional Omani food and drink, races and competitions, and a fun-fair. The Muscat Festival usually takes two places in Al Amerat Park and Al Naseem Park.

  7. Currency

    The official currency of Oman is the Omani Riyal. Visa, American Express, Access/MasterCard, and Diners Club cards can also be used. Banks are open from Sunday till Thursday, from 8.00 to 1400. Most banks in Oman provide Visa or MasterCard facilities through their branches and ATMs. Most of international Credit cards are widely accepted in Malls and shops. Money Exchange is available through airports, hotels and exchange shops in all major malls and Souqs in Oman. ID or passport is required for Money Exchange.The exchange current rate in Oman is as follows:

     Dollar 0.386 OMR (approx.)

  8. Electrical Appliancies

    AC power voltage in Oman is 220/240V, frequency ~50Hz. Most electrical outlets are as shown below.

  9. Languages

    Arabic is the official language in Oman. However, people also speak English. As Oman is a melting pot of cultures that combines Arabs, Hindi people, Pakistanis and others, other languages are also widely spoken like: Hindi, Swahili and Baluchi.

  10. Health And Safety
    Emergency medical assistance will be provided free of charge within the premises where the meeting will take place. Nevertheless, it is advised to take out international travel insurance to cover any medical expenses in case of medical treatment. Hotels can provide assistance for any medical emergency
    For important numbers, please see the link

  11. Internet

    Internet Access free of charge will be available at the event meeting room. Hotels normally offer free WiFi connectivity. Sim card can be purchased from airports, passport is required. All telecom providers have a stand in airports, shops and major malls. Hotels can assist the guests.

  12. Best Restaurants

    Whether it is tasty street food or fine dining, visitors to Oman will find a wide range of options to suit all tastes. From contemporary restaurants serving all types of international cuisine in hotels, resorts, malls and commercial areas, to the casual shawarma eateries and coffee shops, the possibilities are endless.

    Traditional Omani food can be found at a number of hotels and restaurants and is a combination of Arabian, Indian and African influences which has created a unique cuisine. Al Loomie at the Al Bustan Hotel in Muscat and Bait Al Luban in Muttrah are just some of the restaurants known to serve Omani food with a modern twist.
    • Al Angham
      The restaurant offers attentive service and Omani dishes such as harees, lamb stews and Omani lobster.
    • Ubhar
      Muscat offers a range of culinary options for its guests, from jelly-like halwa and street food to exquisitely crafted desserts and English breakfasts. If you're looking for traditional Omani cusine, Ubhar* is a great first stop. The restaurant offers a mix of local delicacies and fusion dishes (like frankincense ice cream) that will please cautious and adventurous eaters alike.
    • Bait Al Luban
      If you're in the Muttrah area, Bait Al Luban (House of Frankincense) is a great spot for a celebratory dinner. Book in advance, ask for a seat on the balcony, then sit back and enjoy some delicious local food in a stunning setting.
    • Woodlands
      Once you've had your fill of karak and dates, Woodlands* is a good spot to satisfy any Indian food craving. The restaurant offers a wide range of vegetarian dishes on its menu, served in a cosy environment.

  13. Shopping

    From aromatic Frankincense to traditional clothing and silver works, Oman’s souqs provide an atmospheric shopping experience that is uniquely Omani. Most largE settlements in Oman have their own souq, the most famous being Muttrah Souq, situated on the Old Muscat waterfront and selling everything from clothes, to silver, spices, Frankincense and more. Also, Nizwa Souk definitely worth a visit.

    Modern shopping is a favorite pastime in Oman, with large shopping centres developed across the Sultanate, including Muscat City Centre, Muscat Grand Mall and Oman Avenues Mall. Here, visitors can find the latest trends and brands from around the world.

  14. Shopping For Groceries

    Supermarkets are widely spread around Muscat. Main hypermarkets stores like Lulu Hypermarket, Carrefour are providing all kind of food, organic and authentic.

    Be mindful about alcohol consumption. There are many restaurants and even bars or nightclubs where you can get alcohol. You can also purchase alcohol from specialized stores which are usually located inside hotels. Remember that although you can purchase alcohol from these places, its public consumption is against the law.

  15. How to Get Around In Muscat

    There are plenty of options available for easy travel through the Sultanate – perfect for travelers looking to explore the country’s unique culture, amazing nature, authentic heritage and great food.

    Buses are a safe and affordable option for getting around Oman and operate across the Sultanate, as well as within Muscat. Mwasalat – a government owned company – is the leading public transport service in the country, offering inter-regional as well as inner-cTaxis are an efficient and cost-effective way to explore the Sultanate and can be recognized by their distinctive white and orange coloring. Special blue and white taxis operate from airports only and have a set price that can be requested from the driver. Oman officials are currently working towards the introduction of metered taxis to offer an even better service to visitors.

    For further information, contact The Taxi Counter at Muscat Airport on (+968) 2434 1297.

  16. Prayer Spots In The Conference Area and Across The City

    Hotels provide prayer rooms for their guest, however participants can pray in their rooms or in Masjids available across the city.

  17. Safety And Security

    Oman is one of the safest countries around the world. Not only for the great efforts of the police, but also the great and kind hearts of the Omani people. They always care for their country and its visitors, and provide them with the warmest welcome even when they are complete strangers. According to the Global Terrorism Index, Oman is one of the few terrorism-free countries in the world. So, visitors don’t need to bring weapons or to be worried about safety. If anything wrong happens, they can go and talk to the police.Local people should under no conditions be shot or recorded on cameras without their permission for the action. The photo and video recording of churchmen and men wearing military uniform is totally banned by the law.Though the crime rate is rather low in the city, tourists should observe regular safety precautions. One should not set off for exploration to remote districts of the city as well as keep by oneself valuables and substantial sums of cash. Those who visit the city of Muscat for the first time are strongly recommended to stroll around the city only with a guide. 

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